You're running down the street trying to  make it to the grocery store before it closes  everyone's looking right at your eye  you from head to toe  some people are tripping over the  sidewalk and bumping into each other  a car rams into a fire hydrant but no  one even bats an eye  a dog gives you a mean look and snarls at you  with each step, you take every single  piece of armor rattles and clanks like a rusty cog in a machine  you walk into the grocery store and all the metal detectors go wild everyone looks at you with a question marks bobbling around their heads you walk over to the dairy aisle and find the milk you've been craving right on the top shelf, you try to reach up but it's a struggle every piece of metal around your body hits all the items on the shelves they topple over and spill all over the ground one of the clerks looks at you he doesn't look too happy about cleaning up the mess, you made so being the good and the noble person you are you grab a

Moon Has a Giant Tail Strikes Earth Once a Month.

A recent study claims that the Moon has a tail! And every month, it wraps around   our planet like a scarf! A slender tail made up of millions of atoms of sodium follows Earth's natural satellite. And our planet regularly travels directly through it. Meteor strikes blast these sodium atoms out of the Moon's surface and further into space.  For several days every month, the Moon remains between the Sun and our planet. That's when  Earth's gravity picks up that sodium tail. Our planet drags it into a long stripe that  wraps around its atmosphere. This lunar tail is totally harmless. It's also invisible to the  human eye – 50 times dimmer than what you can perceive. But during those rare days,  high-powered telescopes can spot its faint yellowish glow in the sky. The tail looks like a gleaming spot that's five times the full moon's diameter.  Mathematicians claim white holes might exist.  Unfortunately, scientists haven't found one yet. Even if you saw a wh